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About Our Club

When we say Our Club, doesn’t mean that it is my Club or Our Club. This is the Club for all the Football Fans from all over the world. During this Football festival, we are all going to enjoy and have fun together. Being the Digital Experts, we are going to give aways Millions of Dollars of Digital Coupons for all the Football Fans, globally. These Digital coupons you can use for your own Small Business or for Personal use.

Serving Our Soccer Community

Who on earth, doesn’t like football? We are equally mad about football and will die for seeing Worldcup tournment at any cost. So, we know how do you feel. We are burning lots of midnight oil, so we want you to enjoy those fruits without working any hard.

Our Club Is Our Family

We don’t care where from you are, what do you eat, what do think etc., We all are united by being the lovers of the greatest football game. So, come let us enjoy this month long football festival.

Club Programs

Give Away Contests

Throughout the month long worldcup festival, we are going to conduct lots of contests, do join to win gifts.

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From time to time, we are going to conduct polls to know your favourite team, player, country etc.,

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Your Love

Take time out, to write an article, create images, post videos and audios, we publish. This is the best way to express your love.

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We are going to help you with most wonderful shopping experience, during this football festival.

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Why do you want to use, what the whole world is using? We are all afterall football lovers. So let us have our own identity and own email. So we give YourName@Football.Email use it proudly and get the emails delivered to your own old fashioned gmail account.


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At Our Football.Contest.Gifts, we are going to conduct various Contests from time to time, during the 2022worldcup.com and till next world cup in 2026 and beyond. We are going to get great sponsors, who will be able to give  you exciting gifts from time to time.

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Are you excited? Want to Join The Club? We welcome all football fans from all over the world to join Our Club. To start with you can join our FREEmember.Club. Simply fill the form and give contact details.